Hi! I'm Victoria - a digital marketing extraordinaire. Here's a little about me.

Hi! I'm Victoria.


I currently serve as a Campaign Manager in B2B marketing operations for one of the largest online real estate networks in the world, strategizing and launching campaigns that generate 80% of the company's overall revenue and promoting high-quality lead generation. My prior experience lies in grassroots marketing and customer service management. I have also been a lifelong writer and photographer. I'm a jack of all trades, and a master of plenty.

My creative drive and interest in business helped me gravitate towards the world of marketing and advertising, a field I have since fallen in love with. The development of a brand and its relationship to consumers fascinates me endlessly and I am constantly analyzing and researching ways to optimize this interaction. I strive to push boundaries and challenge the status quo in all that I do.

This site is a space for all of my work - professional and creative - to live and shine to its fullest. I hope to start a blog... someday. In my spare time, I find inspiration in museum visits and bookstores, and enjoy hunting for new music, restaurants, coffee shops, and vintage clothing.

If you are interested in working with me - or simply connecting - please drop me a line sometime.


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